Recommended Sources for Quality Peptides in Europe

recommendations for peptides in europe

Peptides are a short chain of amino acids comprising typically of 2-50 amino acids. The simple peptides are dipeptides followed by tripeptides etc. Peptides are naturally present in food. Peptides are found in every tissue and cell in the body and perform a wide range of functions. Maintaining the appropriate activity levels and concentration of peptides is essential to maintain health and achieve homeostasis.

Peptides Ireland

Peptides Ireland is the leading and the most popular provider for buying peptides in Europe. They offer an extensive range of the latest peptides on the market today. Peptides are used for research purposes only however have many benefits according to research studies. Peptides Ireland take pride in their products for their high quality and exceptional prices. All peptides are tested for purity by MS-UPLC and HPLC. The peptides are 98% purity to ensure the highest quality products you can buy. There are combo packages available to suit your research needs. The most competitive research peptides prices on the market for superb and premium quality peptides. Reliable and fast shipping services worldwide. You won’t find better quality peptides anywhere else.


Direct Peptides is the most trusted and leading European based peptides company. Direct peptides offer top quality research peptides at very affordable prices purchase in the online store in small or bulk orders with reliable and convenient shipping options. The focus and aim are to provide high quality products for the prevention and treatment of medical conditions for research purposes only. The product range is extensive some includes BPC-157, HCG, Epithalon, and many more. Peptides have many different benefits some of these include muscle mass and strength building, slow down the aging process, lower high blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and much more.

Peptides UK

Peptides UK is the number one supplier of high-quality research peptides in the UK and Europe. The peptides are manufactured at a cGMP compliant and ISO9001 certified state of the art facility. All peptides are tested for purity by HPLC and MS-UPLC analysis. Peptides UK offers an extensive range of peptides these include GHRP-2, Ipamorelin, Mod GRF, MGF, IGF 1, TB500, BPC 157, and many more. Customer services are the main priority and always ensuring exceptional products at very reasonable prices. Products are shipped worldwide via fast and reliable shipping services.

Peptides EU is setting a new standard in the peptide industry with a truly different peptide shop. The research peptides are European manufactured and 99% purity. The company works directly with the manufacturers to ensure only the best peptides are produced for the customers. The customer service is second to none and they also offer super quick order processing.


Peptide Store is a convenient, safe, and private online store for research peptides in Europe. Peptide store offers a wide range of research peptides online some of these include GHRP-2, HGH 176, CJC, TB500, PT-141, GHRP-6, and much more. The company expresses its values through research work, strategic planning, delivering peptides of high quality at very affordable prices to new and current customers.

Pure Peptides UK

Pure Peptides UK is the market leader when it comes to providing research peptides online in UK and Europe. The company works closely with the manufacturer in ways of delivering premium quality peptides to all customers. The company offers a professional, quality, and reliable service every time. They offer super-fast dispatching on every order and free delivery for all UK orders over 25 pounds. They also ship worldwide via courier and postal services. You won’t find better peptide products anywhere.

Enhanced Peptides

Enhanced Peptides have over 100 research products to choose from all for effective research purposes only. They have a collection of compounds and pure peptides with varying strengths and quantities. Enhanced peptide’s main aim is to provide all customers with a convenient buying experience so you can always count on them to get the product you need and always at the best value. Purchase at 150 on research products and you will receive free delivery. All peptides are 100% genuine and authentic. Some of the products include Ace 031, BPC 157, Follistatin 344, GHRP-2, GHRP-6, HGH Fragment, IGF-1, and many more.