Essential Primary Care Supplies

A job without resources is twice as hard, which is why we provide an extensive list of supplies. Not only does it offer you options, but it means Our Doctor Store can be the one-stop-shop for all medical needs.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality supplies that you can rely on and only stock products we trust. Our customers have crucial work to do and we respect that.

Exam Gloves

These are an important part of any medical professionals’ life and help prevent cross-contamination. They are a key factor in the prevention of spreading infections or illness and will provide a barrier from all bodily fluids.

They will also help avoid reactions from hazardous drugs of handling contaminated items. We stock a range of sizes, sterile/non-sterile, powder and non-powdered, thick, and surgical gloves.

We are also able to offer both latex and non-latex gloves for handling patients with allergies.

Wound Dressings

These crucial supplies are a staple in any health care providers arsenal, which is why we supply a range of items:

Bordered dressing for burns, chronic wounds, and ulcers. They are highly absorbent, with foam padding that is non-stick, providing a moist healing environment.

Absorbent dressings for acute wounds that don’t require regular changing. There are hydrophilic and there is no risk of them getting stuck in a wound.

We also offer medical tape that can be left on the patient for a good length of time without becoming embedded.


We carry a wide range of both needles and syringes in a useful variety of sizes. They are extremely sharp and offer non-coring qualities that will ensure the best patient outcome.

Made from stainless-steel, they are perfect for taking blood, administering injections, or a wide range of purposes. We offer a range from hypodermic to anesthetic, so you will be certain to find what you are looking for.

Diagnostic Equipment

These are as important are the supplies used to treat illness, so we provide a verity. One of our most popular items are temporal head thermometers that are accurate and non-invasive and a preferred option for patients.

We sell pulse oximeters that are simple to read and convenient for getting a patient reading. It is non-invasive and will give you an accurate level of oxygen saturation.

Another popular item is our blood pressure monitors as they are easy to read and very accurate. There are made to fit most patients and provide gentle inflation that won’t cause discomfort.

Sterilizing and Disinfecting Products

No service is complete without the proper sanitary measures. We want you to be safe in the knowledge your medical tools are sterile for the next patient and provide professional cleaning equipment.

From pressure sprayers to cleaning wipes, to special brushes – we can guarantee a good outcome when used correctly.

Infection Risk Management

At times you will have to encounter high-risk infections, and you must remain protected. We offer medical isolation gowns that you can rely on as they are fluid resistant and full-length.

You can be assured that you are giving yourself the best protection when you put on one of our gowns. We also sell a range of face masks to suit your needs.

Whether you need a specialist breathing mask or a surgical one – you can find it here.